In uncertain times, it pays to be certain of a brand

During this pandemic, getting hold of PPE has sometimes proved impossible.

PPE  or Personal Protection Equipment on Black background

We predominantly sell tools, equipment, parts and components to tradespeople, and we also provide lots of PPE. We have access to suppliers that don’t sell directly to the public.

We do sell to the general public, however, and we’ve been able to provide PPE to such as care homes, food businesses, and plenty of individuals over the summer – perhaps understandably, we’ve never had as many orders for PPE equipment as we’ve had this year.

Face masks, goggles and gloves are used across many industries, and though they may not meet the exact requirements for use on hospital wards, they’re perfectly fine to use in most other settings, providing adequate protection to the wearer against Covid-19. Because some of these items are one-use only, you’ll need a good stock of them if you interact with the public during the course of your work.

Not everyone plays nicely in a crisis, though. We’re talking about the individuals who bought 500 packs of toilet rolls to sell on when stocks were scarce. Or the people who were selling 50ml of hand sanitiser for £25 a bottle when there were none on retailers’ shelves. You know, the people who thought they could make a quick buck by capitalising on the impact of the virus.

Whilst their actions may seem immoral, taking advantage of heightened demand is not illegal. However, if you’re about to order PPE – a product that could ultimately save your life, not just give you a few moments of disappointment if it fails to do what it’s supposed to – would you want to buy it from Chelsea the Chancer or Trusted Tradesman Terry? Given that some of the PPE products on the market were proved to be inferior or duds when demand was at its peak, we wouldn’t recommend getting Chelsea’s phone number.

We exercise our own quality control regarding third-party products, which is on top of the manufacturers’ own quality checks. We’re a trusted brand and we’ve sold thousands of our PPE products before anyone had ever heard of the coronavirus.

EO applies the same care and attention to all the products we sell. We actively encourage feedback and product reviews from our customers, and if something breaks or doesn’t work as it should, we don’t just refund the client and chalk it up to experience. We investigate the fault and put further checks in place. If that item no longer meets our high standards, we remove it from our catalogue. Our customers’ satisfaction is everything.

So, if you’re in need of PPE equipment, get in touch, as we will be able to help you.