Developers: improve the appeal and value of your properties

For sale sign outside some flats in the UK

How we use our homes constantly changes. We’ve just gone through a pandemic, which has shaped how we spend time within our four walls, and the resources/facilities our houses should include going forwards (until the next change, at least).

We now make much more use of our outside space—our back yards and gardens were worth their absolute weight in gold during lockdowns, when we were all told to stay home. They became the space in which we entertained or escaped, whatever the weather.

The manufacturers of hot tubs, garden furniture, patio heaters and outdoor bars struggled to keep up with demand in the early days of the pandemic, as we escaped our work environments by stepping through our patio doors. Then, when it was safe to do so, we invited family, friends and neighbours into our outdoor spaces for barbecues and birthday parties. A survey by The National Kitchen and Bath Association has even found that 60% of homeowners plan to transform their patios into outdoor kitchens this year, to thoroughly enjoy the experience of cooking and eating ‘al fresco’.

Even though restrictions have been lifted and we can now go to the pub again, many people are still opting to party in their garden spaces—in a bid to save money or just because it’s become routine to do so. After all, what can a pub offer that your garden can’t, if you have the right people with you?

The way we design houses and the land they occupy, therefore, needs to reflect how we use them today. A property’s outside space needs to include certain facilities as mandatory, such as outdoor plugs sockets and lighting solutions. Such considerations, which are relatively easy for developers to include in their plans and designs, will be additional selling points that will play their part in increasing the value of a property.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, our outdoor spaces—rather than being seen as simply separate grassy areas—will be become clear extensions to our homes in 2021. It says, ‘This year's outdoor living trends are all about making your backyard, porch, or even balcony a regular part of everyday life. Building on last year's momentum, homeowners can expect to bring indoor conveniences outdoors with smart technology, multipurpose add-ons, and structures that allow us to be outside longer and more often throughout the year. Whether it's a spot to grow herbs for homemade meals, a private patio with plenty of shade, or a place to do the cooking, outdoor living in 2021 is synonymous with time spent at home.’

Imagine how frustrated the people buying your house would feel if they purchased a hot tub, outdoor oven or patio heater to find there’s nowhere to plug it in that doesn’t involve an open window and long extension. That they’ll be forced to endure the hassle and expense of employing an electrician to dig out a channel for some trunking in their newly plastered walls—when it could have simply been included with all the other electrical plans from the off—will not be a welcome experience.

Outdoor lighting that can be controlled via the homeowner’s mobile phone is another not-so-futuristic move that will also add value to a property—smart lighting solutions and similar devices are already integral in many people’s houses. Being able to control security lights and view CCTV when away from home would bring reassurance to most homeowners.

Most new or smart technologies are only thought of at the user end of things, but, unless solar-powered, these all need to be powered in some way. It’s better to have more electric points, inside and outside, than too few, and this is one aspect prospective house-buyers will fully appreciate.

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