Before and after

A large part of marketing is evidencing the impact your product or service has for the consumer. You could say this in an advert, but this is the problem – you could say anything. You could say you’re the best builder since time began, but that means nothing if what you build falls down the minute you’ve got in your van and left the site.

Before and after a room renovation
Before and after Kitchen Re-Design

What you say and what actually happens can be poles apart, which is why visual evidence is so important.

Before and after photos are a good way to promote your work. Whilst an ‘after’ photo will effectively show what you’ve done, putting it alongside a picture of what the house/site/project looked like before will bring context to the transformation, and it will put more emphasis on the finished product – evoking a ‘wow’ reaction.

Video can be an effective marketing tool for traders. It’s more credible than words and it can show your work from all angles in real-time, which makes it much stronger than a static image.

Time-lapse videos are the best of both worlds and more. They show the ‘before’ and they show the ‘after’. They also show how you achieved the end result. They can give the viewer (who could be a potential customer) an appreciation of the task at hand (which underpins the value of your work and justifies your fees). They can outline key stages on longer projects and explain why some tasks have to be done in a specific order.

As a video in their own right, time-lapse films are incredibly engaging, and they’re not something people click away from…they tell a story and move the viewer effortlessly from A to B – or rather, from ‘before’ to ‘after’.

They’re no more expensive to create than typical videos, as they don’t need a camera crew or even a person to assist the filming. Time-lapse shots tend to be taken from the same angle throughout, which means a camera can be set on a tripod and left to film. Despite being inexpensive to produce, they look expensive and effortlessly professional.