Sensio S1 Dart LED Flexible Strip 5mtr KIT

Sensio S1 Dart LED Flexible Strip 5mtr KIT

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The Dart LED strip is versatile and compatible with Sensio dimmable receivers. It is available in natural white (4000K) making it suitable for any type of kitchen design, whether traditional or contemporary.

The product has a superb light output with a high lumen per watt efficacy.

The 5m reel is easy to install and is supplied with a high-quality 3M VHB adhesive backing tape that sticks to any dry, flat surface.

The led strip can be cut at 100mm intervals with scissor icon marks identifying where the strip can be cut.

The Dart is supplied as a kit with a 2.5m driver connection cable and an LED driver. Sensio Plug and Play system eliminates the possibility of wrongly connecting the strip.

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  • Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm)

    Width - 300

    Height - 150

    Depth - 50

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