Should HMO developers choose electric heaters and boilers over gas?

Close up of an old Gas Boiler

Traditionally, gas boilers are chosen by house builders and developers as the method of heating the home and providing constant hot water. Even in high rise buildings and HMOs, gas seems to be favoured over electric alternatives.

However, the electric heaters of today are completely safe and much more economical than they used to be. Electric heaters can also be positioned anywhere, with little installation, in comparison to the feeding of gas and water pipes into the property that a gas boiler needs. There are also limited places that a gas boiler can sit within a home.

With electric heaters, no flues are needed, nor any drainage. There are more restrictions and guidelines to meet when installing a gas boiler that electric heaters are not subject to.

Certainly, if the property is to be rented, whether by an individual or the local housing association, for example, the ongoing maintenance of electric boilers and heaters is much more straightforward than the compliance around gas boilers; these need to be signed off as safe on a regular basis by a qualified gas engineer, which constitutes extra costs.

What an Electrical heater can look like

Electric heaters can be thermostat controlled, and they can also work in conjunction with underfloor heating solutions. The property can also enjoy hot water on demand with an electric boiler, which feeds water from the cold-water supply, just as with gas, and stores hot water via a cylinder in the same way.

The electric heaters of the past were unsafe, manually controlled and bulky. Technology has moved on, however; today, electric heaters and boilers are ultra-reliable, with heating and hot water provided 24/7 if required. They’re slimline and sophisticated in their design, with wi-fi smart features and strict safety measures. They’re much more efficient than in previous decades, with heating provided at low cost, and they can be used with solar energy methods to make them even more environmentally friendly.

Statistics show that electric boilers and heating systems last 50% longer than gas alternatives. They’re cheaper to install and although electric heaters are slightly more expensive than gas to run on a daily basis, they offer true heat zoning ability; you can choose to heat only the rooms you’re using, rather than the whole property.

No heat is lost from the power source to the electric radiator/heater either, as opposed to heat escaping from the pipes when gas is used. There are also no dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning with electric heating products.

Overall, modern electric heating systems are as affordable, if not more so, than gas central heating when you include all costs, such as maintenance and installation. They are more easily installed and require less rigorous upkeep, and their smart features fit in with how we live today.

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