Enjoy cost savings on Texecom products by acting fast

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Price increases are currently an issue for most products across every sector. The economy is understandably fragile, due to the Covid pandemic; Brexit has had an impact—and everything from huge ships stuck in the Suez Canal to a lack of delivery drivers causing stock shortages, means that every company across the landscape of commerce is struggling.

Less favourable trade deals, the power of supply and demand, and more red tape than ever before, has culminated in a lot of additional costs for businesses. As is common practice, these costs are passed on to the customer and prices rise.

This is what’s happened at Texecom. The company has just announced that the UK prices of their fantastic products will rise by 4.5%, come September 1st 2021. It was perhaps inevitable, given all of the above—but the positive thing about this, is that you have almost a whole month to take advantage of Texecom’s lower prices before they go up. If you’re planning to buy Texecom products in bulk—maybe because of a renovation or a house project you’re working on—buy them in August, rather than pay more for the same order in September.

Electricals Online (EO) will feature a more attractive, industry-leading price range for their products.

Inflation is rising, yet wage increases have not kept the same pace. The consumer is being squeezed in every direction, so where there are bargains, discounts or special offers, you need to snap them up. To tradespeople, any such savings represent a higher margin within the job…why wouldn’t you take advantage?

As with all EO products, if you purchase before dinnertime, you will receive your order before dinnertime the following day. You will also receive free delivery on orders over £50.

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